Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

The main aim of our School is Overall Development of Student by Quality Education, Personality Development & Character Building.


This can be achieved by teamwork of all the Teachers of School. When Vision of School becomes The Vision for all Directors, Teachers, Supporting Staff, then true success can be achieved.


A Principal is the key-person who coordinates amongst Teachers, Students & Parents.


As a Principal, I firmly believe in Quality Education means each and every student must learn effectively from school. All students – clever, average and weak must gain properly and proper attention must be given to them.


Student must learn without any heavy burden of education.


To cope up with society environment student must develop his personality by yoga and meditation, sports activities and involvement in cultural programme. These activities are important part of our school.


A true citizen for society can be made by internal personality development by proper counseling and guidance seminars.


My message to one and all is, “We make Better Citizens for India, not Machines”.

– Mr. Nilesh D. Vaghasiya


M. Sc., B.Ed.